Our development team focus on delivering excellence in the following

  • Web Applications We build scalable, innovative and resilient web applications using technologies that enables your mission critical online system to be available to your customers every time they need it.

    From an application running on a single server with a single database to applications running in server farms, in the cloud (Azure, AWS), to deploying on Docker (containers) or running in Service Fabric.

    Web build both server based and client-based :single page applications to run on-premises or in the cloud
  • Mobile Applications We develop cross-platform native mobile applications targeting the Android, iOS and Windows platforms. From UI design, back-end API development to combining all those pieces together to come-up with a functional application available through all channels supported for app distribution
  • Websites When free stuff just don’t cut it for your corporate or product identity; you need to roll your own. We can create really stunning websites that speaks on behalf of your marketing team. We design and build highly interactive, fully functional and responsive websites and optionally host them for free
  • Microsoft Office Application Development and Integration We can create custom solutions that access and interact with all the richness of a employees Office 365 data—and we can build those solutions across all mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Giving them one platform to interact with corporate and external data without leaving the familiar application they know and love. For example, you could have a workflow that is triggered by a particular action taken by a user, such as sending an email.
  • Database Development We design, develop and administer databases. Be it a few MB to terrabytes of data sitting in different locations or being created by different systems. We can manage you data from creation, data-warehousing, data mining, analysis to integration, security and disaster recovery; on-premises or in the cloud.