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About CheckApp

CheckApp serves as a marketplace for doctors and patients, allowing patients to schedule in-person or online appointments with doctors, engaging in real-time chats with them (in-person consultations or online).

CheckApp is there to make sure that Healthcare is more efficient, better organized, and closer to home thanks to the technology of today, which has the potential to increase healthcare quality while also making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

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CheckApp - AMS Product
CheckApp - AMS Product

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  • Easily manage patient records at your fingertips.
  • View patient details and requested services. View and update own details and services offered.
  • Manage your appointments, accept, or reject bookings.
  • Manage operating hours.
  • View patient details, upload documents, and store the data for easy retrieval.
  • Manage your practices and calendars.
  • Create and manage your own booking cancellation policy in place for patients.
  • Have live video calls with your patients or colleagues.
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